Taptap is the on-demand rider service app made for Sierra Leone. Whether you drive or ride, it’s late or early, or the distance is far or nearby, taptap offers an easy-to-use alternative to navigate the complex transportation system in Freetown.

The international-but-local taptap team created this application as an innovative solution for Sierra Leone’s public transport challenges. Issues such as endless negotiations, empty rides, trouble finding a ride during a rain season outburst, and unreliable passengers or drivers can make navigating the city  a pain.

We believe that taptap is the solution. Not only do we offer a service to drivers and riders, we also support the digital transformation of our beloved Sierra Leone. Our young and ambitious team reflect the new wave of tech-savvy Sierra Leoneans. We are digital, we are international, we know all the good spots in Freetong, and we aim to use our knowledge to innovate everyday aspects of Sierra Leonean life.

We are taptap: Sierra Leone’s first ridesharing app, owned by WIKONET.