For Drivers

Of course, some of our drivers are only active a few hours during weekends and make solid part-time income.

Passengers  pay you with  taptap money, in cash or card. taptap pays out to your bank account every week.

We do not have any monthly fees, so you only pay for finished trips. We usually ask between 15%  of the ride fee, depending on your city. Contact us for more information.

Submitting your information takes less than 5 minutes. After registration we offer you a one-hour training at our office. In some cities, we will accept your application remotely once you provide us with all the necessary documents.

Our team suggests that you buy a budget smartphone that has access to the App Store or Play Store.

Our city teams can help you match with our partner fleets or rental companies who offer competitive rates on vehicles that are accepted on our platform.

taptap is a platform for drivers and passengers connect. all trips must be paid for.

For Riders

Load your taptap money wallet always to pay for your trips with your taptap money. visit our agents or call 030242424 to load your taptap money account

You will be charged a minimal fee for cancelling after 5 minutes of booking

Yes we charge for waiting after the free 5 minutes.

Please file a complaint and we shall look into it.

About Payments

Yes, in the payment options you simply select ‘cash’ as your payment option.

Yes, you can use your mobile data or WiFi connection to use the app

Using taptap is free of charge. You only start paying once your trip begins.

After every ride you can find your receipt under the ‘my rides’ tab. For business use, you can even request to send your receipts to your email or to that of the company involved.

As long as there are drivers available, you can use taptap. No more worrying about getting home after a night out dancing to afrobeat.

Contact the driver as soon as you find out you lost something. You can call or message the driver with the information provided in the driver’s profile.

Yes you can. when requesting a ride, choose the preferred vehicle, click request and then you can choose “book for someone”. you will need to provide some information about the passenger.